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REDEMPTION DAYZ is a 3rd person HIGH PVP server but also brings some of those much missed Survival aspects back in to play.

Incorporating both PVP & Survival into DayZ is something that doesn’t happen much but we have fine tuned the server to bring you the ultimate experience.¬†

Play alone or play with a group using the clean party system with pings or by using the compass UI for easy call outs. Don’t have a squad? Easy, join the discord and get in the find friends room! Whilst using medicine and vitamins to keep illness at bay watch out for other killers, bears, wolves or even fellow humans, whilst cooking animal meat is perfectly fine you may want to stay away from human meat, tends to make you a little crazy!

And of course with no stamina and auto run navigating from one side of the map to another becomes a breeze!

See you on the battlefield! РRedemption DayZ Team.

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Status: Online

Map: ChernarusPlus

Mods: || Advanced Weapon Scopes || Airdrop-Upgraded || BadgerBuildings || Banking || BaseBuildingPlus || BasicSpawnSelect || BuilderItems || CF || CannabisPlus || Care Packages || Cl0ud’s Military Gear || Code Lock || dbo_surfaces || DisableGardenPlots || Dogtags || Ear-Plugs || Enhanced Banking || FlipTransport || InfoPanel || KillFeed || King of the Hill || Mass’sManyItemOverhaul || Modular Vest System || MuchCarKey || MuchStuffPack || NoVehicleDamage || PristineRepair || Redemption Pack || Redemption Vehicles || RevGuns || SchanaModCompass || SchanaModParty || Server_Information_Panel || Summer_Chernarus || Supressor Hybrid || Tombstone V++ Map || Trader || Unlimited Stamina || VPPAdminTools || VanillaPlusPlusMap || WeaponReduxPack || [Remastered] Arma Weapon Pack ||
Maxplayers: 100


Before you can connect to the server you need to download our mods. We recommend that you are using the DZSA Launcher to connect to the server. It will automatically download the mods needed and load them. Just use the filter to find our server eighter by name or with our ip and click on the play-icon to join us. You should now be able to enjoy everything Redemption have to offer.

If DZSA Launcher is down or simply wont work please use the Default DayZ Launcher that you find by launching Dayz through Steam. When the launcher is open simply navigate to “SERVERS” and then click on the community-tab. You can use the filter and type Redemption UK in it.

The first time you search for the server it can take some time for the server to show, as the launcher will download all avalible servers. Once the server pops up click on “JOIN” and you will be able to select “SETUP DLCS AND MODS AND JOIN”. The launcher will then set up all the mods required to join for you. Now you should now be able to join our server. If you are get any form of PBO-errors and and cant solve it, your always welcome to join our discord and ask for help and we will solve it.

We hope to see you on the server and that you will have fun playing here

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