Before you registre your team, make sure you read and understand this page.

Registration will close on June 30th at 8PM UK time

When the League goes live we will post Table and Scoreboard here aswell

The map will be Esseker in a custom arena depending on team size

Matches will be played on a clan war server (different IP & is password protected)

Team sizes will be 4-8 (this will depend on squad size available at the time)

Each match is a Best of 3 (in unlikely event of a tie will be sudden death round [Trade kill on last 2 people])

Each team will play each other twice over the season

Loot, Building and Zombies will be disabled

Map Weather: Forced sunshine & no wind

Map Time of Day: Midday (each team will play from both sides and random for last round)

All matches are forced 1PP

Each team will need to be registered on the registration form to be entered

Each player must also be registered to the team, if you use a player not registered you will be forced for forfeit which is -3 points

If your team changes and a player joins or leaves you MUST inform us

Each team must re register via the form for each season

Matches will be played on set days (TBC DAYS), The captains of each team will agree at a time with the help of Redemption Staff. (This is due to time zone differences, etc)

There is a minimum of 4 players per team

There is a maximum of 10 players per team

Each team must can only use a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 8 players in a match (There will be no subs once the match has started)

Each team MUST have a captain (The captain will help schedule their matches and is responsible for their teams actions.

Loot, building and zombies will be disabled

Players may not take part, whilst currently serving a ban on Redemption Main Server

Each match will consists of a maximum of 3 rounds (This will be a best of 3, first to 2 round wins, wins the match)

The number of players will be determined by the smaller team. If 1 team has 5 players and the other has 8 then both teams can only use 5 players.

Turn up 10 mins before your match start time to get loaded in and in the right Discord Voice Chat etc.

Matches will start at their scheduled time. If you, or any of your team is late you will be forced to forfeit the match

You will use the Discord Voice Channels Team A and Team B. A member of staff will be in each channel to moderate

Team A will be the home team. Team B will be the away team. This is decided by the schedule

Please select either Team A or Team B spawn depending on the round. If you are found to be trying to get an unfair advantage by picking the wrong spawn you will be removed from the match

Uses of glitches is forbidden and you will be forced to fofeit the match, if the team repeatedly offends they will be removed from the league and barred from any future leagues / tournaments

Each player has 1 life per round

You are not allowed to respawn until the round is finished.

If a round lasts longer than 20 mins, next kill will win the round

You will spawn and pick either Team A loadout or Team B depending on your Team
Inside of your Team Selection you will be able to change and select between some preset guns and equipment
You will spawn with mags, batteries and meds on you
You will spawn with some scopes in your inventory

Win = 3 points

Forfeit = -3 Points

Kills and deaths of each Team will be recorded in the event teams finish on the same number of points

If teams finish on the same points and the same kill difference then the team with more kills is placed higher.

If teams finish on the same points, kill difference and kills then a 1 round tie break sudden death game will be played

Sudden death will be used to separate teams who have identical scores on the table

Sudden death will be 1 round only

If the round lasts longer than 20 mins, the next kill will win the round.

To be announced

Team Registration

Team Registration is now closed. Stay tuned for rooster