Community Donator Perks

Redemption DayZ is run entirely on donations.

All donations are used for server cost and maintenance, improving the server and to help the growth of the community

Donations Donations for the server are classed as “gifts” and as such any donations are given without any counter value. Donations are a way for you to show your love for the server and your support towards the community. We are extremely grateful for any donations made and it’s your donations that help keep the community running – all donations are used primarily for the ongoing running of the server unless a donation is made to a specific staff member.

Staff Donation Would you like to show your appreciation to a specific staff member? If you would like to donate money to a staff member personally then please use the PayPal link and specify in your donation ticket which member of staff you would to receive it.

Redemption Donator Perks All donators to the server will receive access to Donator only chat within the Redemption Discord where you will receive information about upcoming events and polls. You will also be included in a leader board for the Top Donator spot. You will receive these Discord Ranks once you have donated up to a certain amount:

• Redemption Bronze Supporter Rank: £25 
• Redemption Silver Supporter Rank: £50 
• Redemption Gold Supporter Rank: £75 
• Redemption Platinum Supporter Rank: £100 
• Redemption Diamond Supporter Rank: £300


In-Game PurchasesPriority Queuing Are you tired of waiting in 30 minute queues? With Priority Queuing you’ll be pushed to the front of the queue at all times. Simply head over to our #donation-tickets room and open a ticket. Make sure you include your Steam Account URL & your Discord Username.

1 Month:                   £10.00
2 Months:                  £17.50
3 Months:                  £25.00
Lifetime Priority Queue:   £120.00

Custom In-Game Items – This get your custom items is a pretty simple process, no more waiting for someone to find your weapon and get it implemented, do this yourself. Below are two links that have previously been used to acquire weapons, clothing and anything else you think could help you and your squad get that crucial advantage to win those PvP situations

(PLEASE READ BELOW). Simply navigate to the website of choice, find your item and create a #donation-tickets to follow up the order. If you want assistance with this process please just create a ticket and we’ll help you get what you want in game. Every implementation price is transparent, there are no hidden costs or fees, what you see is what you get. Cost of your item/weapon model of choice + Development fee = Final Price

With this obviously comes restrictions, 20K Polygons MAX for anything you want added. Developer Costs Standard Weapon Price: £25.00 Per Weapon (Pistol, SMG, AR, LMG or Sniper) Clothing Per Item: £10.00 Per Item (For every 4 items 1 is free) Attachments: £7.50 Per Attachment Consumables: £7.50 Per Consumable (For every 2 items 1 is free)
ALL DONATIONS ARE CONSIDERED FINAL AND CAN NOT BE REFUNDED (Refund Attempts/Backcharges will result in a PERM Ban)

“When you use the button to make a donation, you agree to our terms listed above”